Alex Coronel


Alex Coronel is an American contemporary artist who works primarily in painting and
installation, but is also active in sculpture, illustration, animation, film, poetry, and other
mediums. A lot of his work is based in conceptual art containing aspects of minimalism, abstract
expressionism, design, pop art, and surrealism.
He is first and foremost interested in the idea itself. Only after he feels the idea has somewhat
solidified does he start to give focus on the presentation of that idea.
“Presentation is key, however if I give too much focus on presentation too early on and not
enough on the idea itself, I’ll start to repeat myself in a way that feels artificial to me. At times, only after
the idea is secure, repetition
appears but does so out of necessity.” Playfulness is crucial when it comes to his
work. It has aided his evolution
of strictly being an abstract painter into becoming a multimedia artist.

His main inspirations right now are history, the state of the world, short attention spans, and the
evolution of digital art. Alex received his BFA in 2009 at Texas State University. Since then, he’s
moved all over Texas. Only recently settling back down in Austin.

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