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'Dad's Chair'

Video: Video

  As a kid, Target had kiosks where you could sample NatureQuest albums. Most of them were trash, cookie cutter massage room tunes. To this day strings are one of my favorite type of instrument and Wolves, one of my favorite animal. I could not describe to you the feeling I had when I sampled 'Wolf Song'. It was an immediate beg for mom to buy this tape. You can hear parts of 'Wolfsong' in the beginning and end of this video. When I think back to the times of 'Wolfsong' in my life those moments all seem quite peaceful and full of wonder. I consider myself lucky to have these and similar memories. I've animated, narrated and pieced together this video as a selected journey through my past and the ever elusive present. Join me while I share these thoughts and this memory of reclining in my Dad's chair, listening to 'Wolfsong' while staring into 'Among the Sierra Nevada'.

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